Meet the Netcopy management team

We're really excited about the product and the value it adds for our publishers

John Hazell

Commercial Director

Ensuring that Netcopy consistently delivers commercial opportunities beyond the pure software benefits.

Discovering new ways to monetise content for our publishers.

A classically trained (Johnson & Johnson/Unilever) consumer and trade marketer. John's career has included roles as Trade Marketing Director at EMI Records UK and Managing Director of HMV Australia. He brings international marketing experience coupled with sound, hands on, new media understanding.

Jay Nicklin

Product Director

Acting as an internal stakeholder for our clients to ensure the successful delivery of their archives.

Evaluating platforms that help create fresh opportunities for our clients.

Starting in a client services role at Grey Advertising he moved into Planning and Strategy at KPE. Over fifteen years he's delivered concepts and projects for Heineken, Tesco, and First Leisure Group among others. He was a driving force behind the UKs first youth orientated social network ‘Applebelly’, a community based site for night clubbers, that launched four years before Facebook. The business enjoyed a user base of 250,000 young adults and was widely viewed as the cutting edge community based site of its time.

Jon Williamson

Technical Director

Pushing the technology of Netcopy forward in terms of features, performance, and quality.

Excited about NLP, graph databases, and content delivery networks.

Fifteen years of development experience (both desktop and web) across many platforms and technologies. My career started in desktop software development (SiR, Serif, KSS Group) working on projects ranging from desktop publishing to pricing systems for petrol retailers. Later I started a web agency providing technical services directly to clients and other agencies during which time I met Jay and John.